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Centre Ahl-El-Beit (FICA) Rue de la Servette, 91. 1202 Genève SUISSE

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Donation to FICA ** Fondation Islamique et Culturelle d'Ahl El Beit(S)

The Islamic and Cultural Foundation of Ahl El Beit in Geneva (FICA) is a completely independent foundation. The financial resources come from donations and contributions of people from the Muslim community who support the activities and services provided by this foundation. FICA has no employees and our activities are carried out by volunteers. Donations solely are used for the objectives of FICA.

Let us not forget that what we spend in the path of God will never be lost. As the Prophet Mohamed (Peace be upon him and his family) said: "this world is the field where you sow what you reap in the Hereafte"r. The Muslim community has always been generous to the good works and we welcome all contributions to help FICA reach its goals.

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Fondation Islamique et Culturelle d'Ahl El Beit - (FICA) 1203 Genève
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CCP: 10-760222-5

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